Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sublimity Harvest Fest Part 2: Monster Trucks and Tractor Pulls!

After the parade Saturday, we headed home for some lunch and a nap for Emmett. Then, it was back to the Harvest Fest grounds for some of the big guns in tractor and truck pulling and then monster trucks!


Tractor pulling and monster trucks are very loud, so all the kids had ear plugs:



This tractor had this extreme black smoke

During the monster trucks, t-shirts were thrown into the crowd. We didn't catch one, but someone near us did and gave it to Avery! Avery's just being a pill about having his picture taken and had no idea Kevin was giving him bunny ears.

Here's a short clip of the monster trucks:

Then, Sunday morning we headed back to the Harvest Fest to watch Travis' dad in the tractor pulls. This was his first time pulling on his 1937 John Deere Model A. The announcers really liked his pull, and told Ben later his was one of their favorites and gave him some pointers for next year.

Along with the anybody-can-enter tractor pulls, there was also truck pulls, kids on 4 wheelers pulling, and teamed horses pulling.

After Ben was done with his pull, Travis and I took the boys around a bit while we waited for the monster trucks.

"Running" from "Frank the Combine" from the movie Cars.

"What up, homey"

Aunt Megan was super nice and bought Avery and Alli some balloon shapes, Avery got a sword and scabbard.

Then it was time for monster trucks again!

Emmett fell asleep in all that noise!

What a full and fun weekend!

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Mom said...

What a great set of shots. I love Avery's very serious look with the shades and ear plugs. They look like they all could be distant relatives of Shrek and Fiona. Fred the Combine is a hoot! Great shot of you too, Laurie