Thursday, May 17, 2012

About Us Blurbs

Oops. I meant to update the About Us blurbs on the right side of the blog at the beginning of the year like I did last year, but failed at that along with keeping up the rest of the blog!

The previous editions are Jan 2011 and Jan 2009.

LaurieI met Travis in Institute at Oregon State University in 2001 and we were married Aug 2002. We have 3 boys, Avery, Carson and Emmett. I love photography and run a business, Laurie Marie Photography. We live in Salem, OR where we love to enjoy all the green and hike the waterfalls or head out to the coast. I love nature and feel like I can't get enough of its beauty. Going to the dunes has always been a favorite where I get nature and driving fast on a quad or in a sandrail! I'm also a scuba diver now and always so excited to explore this new area of the outdoors and new opportunities to create beautiful pictures. I'm an avid reader and love book club.

TravisTravis is a dentist at Hunsaker Dental with offices both here in Salem and in Aumsville.
Travis loves going shooting, going to the Oregon dunes with his quad and homebuilt sandrail, working on/fixing things, hunting, fishing, crabbing, snowboarding, and water sports... but his new big love is scuba diving. He's has training through Rescue Diver and will finish his Divemaster training in 2012. One of his favorite parts is going spear fishing and we all enjoy the return on that!

AveryAvery was born in Dec 2004 and is now 7 and almost a 2st grader. He loves being a big brother to Carson and Emmett.
When he grows up Avery still wants to be a dentist. He's still big on science and loves watching any and all science or nature related shows. He's always had a love for money (think Mr. Krabs on Spongebob or Scrooge McDuck) and now his new fascination is with gold. He has his own gold pan and has received some pay dirt but really wants to get out and pan or dredge for gold. He loves swimming lessons and has no fear at all of the water (all the more reason we need him to learn to swim well) and tells me he's made for swimming.
Avery continues to be off the chart tall, and while he's not as skinny as he used to be, he's still skinny.

Avery tells me what he loves: playing in the water, swimming and diving, playing outside, going in the dry creek with friends, making forts out of pillows, going on hikes especially to waterfalls, everything science especially finding bugs and doing experiments and watching science shows and going to OMSI, watching the fish in our aquarium, riding my bike and playing in the snow, I want to find gold, going to the beach and seeing the tide pools and playing in the sand.

CarsonCarson was born in March of 2007 and is now 5 years old.
He loves his brothers and doing whatever his brothers are doing. Carson is still an incredible puzzler and loves doing them on a regular basis. He also loves swimming lessons but has a lot more respect for the water and is reserved. He's still a picky eater but loves fruits, vegetables, chicken nuggets, nachos or any type of "nacho" soup, pb&j and that's about it. At least he loves fruits and vegetables! Carson's new obsession is Star Wars. He just can't get enough. Carson has had the best of best friends in Theo for almost two years now and they remain thick as thieves. They've gone to school together and Carson's favorite day has been Mondays when they get to take turns going to each others' homes to play for the day after school. This fall they'll start Kindergarten at separate schools, but we're keeping play dates. Carson is still tall, but not off the chart like his brothers.

Carson tells me what he loves: going on hikes, doing bike races with my brothers, going to the end of the creek, playing with Star Wars Legos, playing with Theo, OMSI, playing with my brothers, getting fish for our aquarium, swimming lessons, going to the beach and seeing the tide pools and playing in the sand and running in the surf, watching tv, and music.

EmmettEmmett was born in September of 2008 and is now almost 4 years old.
Emmett is still Mr. Mischief but at least he's not the run-away escape artist he used to be. He loves to pretend to be different animals, but especially a cat and curl up in your lap. After a rough start Emmett loves getting to have his turn at preschool. He's still a go go go kind of boy, but really likes to be with Mom or Dad. Especially Dad. Emmett continues to be off the chart tall, but while he's skinny he still has more breadth than Avery.

Emmett tells me what he loves: You and me shopping, getting married with you (um , married to Daddy bud, but I love you!), watching tv with you, sitting next to you, riding my bike, going to the beach and seeing the tide pools, playing with toys, building forts, picking flowers for you, when I'm a grown up I'll scuba dive with Dad, going to the movie theater with you, going hiking, Grandma and Grandpa Benjamin coming over. -My sweet Emmett, he's so much mischief, but so much love!

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