Friday, January 9, 2009

Four Month Faces

Emmett is already 4 months!
He's laughing, "talking," trying to sit, grabbing toys and is all around lovable!

I also just realized the About us blurbs on the right haven't been updated in a long time, and there's nothing on Emmett. So, here's my update (not that much changed for Travis and me):

LaurieAbout Laurie:
I met Travis in Institute at Oregon State University in 2001 and we were married in 2002. We have 3 boys, Avery, Carson and Emmett. Currently we're living in Milwaukee, WI where Travis attends Marquette University Dental School, class of 2009. Hence the title having us here only until then! :) After that it will be back to Oregon! I love nature (especially the green kind), and I can't live without music. I love photography, but Photoshop even more. I love book club and back in OR I love going to the coast, the dunes, crabbing, and shooting in the coast range.

TravisAbout Travis:
Travis is in his 4th year (and final semester!) of dental school at Marquette University Dental School. When he is finished we'll return to Salem where he'll join his father's practice.
Travis loves dentistry and is excited to be done with the school and their bureaucracy and to start practicing at a real pace.
Travis' accomplishments to date: a general handyman extraordinaire, general construction, pro concrete finisher, woodworking, fly tying, good general vehicle knowledge for fixing our cars, etc. etc. He's very useful to have around!
Travis loves going shooting, riding his motorcycle, woodworking, working on/fixing things, going to the Oregon dunes with his homebuilt sandrail, hunting, fishing, crabbing, snowboarding, and water sports.

AveryAbout Avery:
Avery was born in Dec 2004 and is now 4. He loves being a big brother to Carson and Emmett.
When he grows up Avery still wants to be a dentist like Daddy, a policeman so he can get the bad guys, a doctor, a garbage man so he can ride on the side of the truck, a mechanic like Uncle Kevin, a construction worker, a fireman, and a super hero - which all of that will be "a lot of work." Avery has a great imagination.
Avery tells me what he loves: the snow, sledding, playing in the dirt (doing a lot of work as a construction worker) playgrounds, basketball, football, soccer, baseball, playing with Carson, making Emmett laugh, reading books, puzzles, riding his bike, going out to eat, the museum, “racing” around the house, racing on the new Wii, anything with an engine that's big (semi trucks, airplanes, and especially all the different construction equipment), being loud, and making mischief.

CarsonAbout Carson:
Carson was born in March of 2007 and is now almost 2 years old.
He loves his big brother and whatever his big brother is doing. He makes a great parrot to Avery. He loves his little brother Emmett and giving him kisses, rubbing his head and talking to him. He loves running. Carson's love of food has disappeared. He's very picky now, but not like a typical kid - about the only sure foods with him are fruits and vegetables! Carson loves anything that has wheels, anything that makes noise, chasing and being chased by Avery. Carson's talking skills and vocabulary are expanding dramatically every day now.

EmmettAbout Emmett:
Emmett was born in September of 2008 and is now 4 months old.
He's a happy little boy. After his sleep patterns were gettin naturally better and he slept through the night a handful of times, he started getting a lot worse. He's not my best sleeper of my babies. But he is very happy and loves to laugh. He's growing just like his brothers - tall. At 4 months he's wearing 9 month clothing. He's also like his brothers in looks. Travis even has a horrible time telling which kid is which when I show him baby pictures! Emmett has gotten very grabby and loves to gnaw on things... teeth soon? He has discovered his feet and I wonder how long it will be before they make it to his mouth too.


Mom said...

I've got my timing down. I just read your previous About us blurbs this morning. I love those 4 month faces. I also really, really like that photo of you.

Bill and Maggie said...

Love your new blurbs!

Mindy said...

Even though I've been following your blog and feel like I know your kids pretty well, that was still fun to read. What a good idea!