Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kayaking To Dive Haystack Rock

It was a three sport weekend! Kayaking, diving and spear fishing. We went to the beach this last weekend for Travis, Justin and some other scuba guys to try out kayaking out to Haystack Rock in Cape Kiwanda at Pacific City to scuba dive Haystack Rock. For early June, when we still get lots of rain here in western Oregon, it was a pretty decent day with the overcast giving us bits of sun, especially later in the day.

The boys get the toys out.
boys at the beach

The bigger boys get their toys out.
Travis, Justin


Carson, Emmett

Emmett, Carson

Hauling the kayaks closer to the water before getting the gear loaded and strapped down.

Gearing up the kayak. Unfortunately for Travis, his new dry suit hadn't arrived yet when his (also new) dry suit had to be returned.

Testing the water
 photo 2012-06-03IMG_0282-ss.jpg

Or more than testing
 photo 2012-06-03IMG_0285-ss.jpg

 photo 2012-06-03IMG_0286--ss.jpg

Hauling out the bouy. And I immediately began to wonder how they were going to manage that sucker out over the surf...
Travis, Justin

Heading in.

Avery, Carson, Emmett

Debbie always has her camera ready to go too...

So of course we both got Justin's spectacular flip as he tried to get past the surf. And then there was a big pause as they had to collect the buoy and anchors and rethink their approach.

Next thing I knew, some nice surfer was letting my boys ride his surf board!
 photo 2012-06-03IMG_0376ss.jpg

Pause to watch the guys try again.
 photo 2012-06-03IMG_0355ss.jpg

Kurt and Travis see Justin off.
 photo 2012-06-03IMG_0363ss.jpg

Back to surfing
 photo 2012-06-03IMG_0390ss.jpg

SO much fun!
 photo 2012-06-03IMG_0347ss.jpg

Travis had been told over and over how steady the kayaks were, so he said he went out over confident. He may have been able to balance the giant crew boats that are no wider than your rear when he rowed for OSU, but that doesn't help against the powerful waves that easily topple anyone who doesn't hit them exactly straight on. So over he went.

See the waves? That's why I wouldn't touch this dive with a ten foot pole. Or a mile long one, since that's how far it is to the rock. All the scuba women stayed on shore because we're smart.

That wave is taller than that insane surfer, why would anyone want to go in there?

But out they go.

And this time Travis makes it just fine.

Once they get out to the rock, they were barely visible by eye so I used my camera to see them. They're down to the left of the rock.

Emmett, Carson, Avery

When they came back in, Travis hit the wave straight and coasted right in without mishap.


Unfortunately for Justin, he didn't hit it straight. That's why you tie everything down!

Travis, Justin

The catch!

Travis and Justin both hit the limit for rockfish that day plus Travis got a lingcod!
Travis, Justin

Travis and Justin came off the dive with "awesome!" on their lips. The other two guys came away with "that was hard" and "I'm tired!" All the more evidence that I will never attempt this dive via kayaks! This is now Travis' favorite local dive.

The big boys learned a lot, the little boys had lots of fun and the girls were entertained by all. So another great day at the coast!
Cape Kiwanda

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