Monday, June 18, 2012

Mt Hood

On Friday we took a trip up to Mt Hood for the day. We started at Trillium Lake and it was too windy to get a good reflection shot, but it was still a beautiful sunny day.
 photo 2012-06-15IMG_1863ss.jpg

The boys LOVED catching salamanders in the lake.
 photo 2012-06-15IMG_1799-ss.jpg

 photo 2012-06-15IMG_1806-ss.jpg

 photo 2012-06-15IMG_1807-ss.jpg

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 photo 2012-06-15IMG_1838ss.jpg

 photo 2012-06-15IMG_1840ss.jpg

 photo 2012-06-15IMG_1842ss.jpg

We drove around to a few spots and it's really incredible to see what the melting snowpack can expand to fill!
 photo 2012-06-15IMG_1900ss.jpg

 photo 2012-06-15IMG_1909ss.jpg

 photo 2012-06-15IMG_1939ss.jpg

We stopped at Timberline Lodge, which I had never been inside.
 photo 2012-06-15IMG_2007ss.jpg

It's a cool lodge!
 photo 2012-06-15IMG_1980ss.jpg

 photo 2012-06-15IMG_1992ss.jpg

 photo 2012-06-15IMG_1998ss.jpg

 photo 2012-06-15IMG_1999ss.jpg

 photo 2012-06-15IMG_2017ss.jpg

After the lodge and some good food at a local joint in Government Camp, we returned to the lake to wait for sunset. I loved this bright red canoe standing out on lake.
 photo 2012-06-15IMG_2021ss.jpg

Apparently, decent sunset shots are extremely hard to come by here, and I don't have the proximity to come night after night to get one, so I'll take what I can and be happy with it and a great day.
 photo 2012-06-15IMG_2068ss.jpg

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