Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Attack of the Marker

Yesterday evening we went to the Hunsaker's.

What happens when one of Alli's markers hides from clean up?
It will inevitably be found by the kid who wants to eat it...

Carson didn't want to share

Carson made a huge improvement with the dog yesterday - he didn't run
screaming from him! In fact, here's Carson *throwing* Gunnar's toy for him!

Hard at work

And here is a common occurrence at Papa and
Grandma's - muddiness! Alli gets her feet washed.


morgan said...

We have that same little bench with the jungle animals on it! Looks like everyone is sure having fun though

morgan said...

The marker on Emmett almost looks like blood Jace loves to eat markers too... I think whoever invented scented markers (and bubbles for that matter) should be shot. Oh, let's make kid stuff smell like tasty food then expect them NOT to taste test. right

Mom H said...

As Morgan said, I too thought is was blood on him. Travis enjoyed showing me what he looked like. All this from Travis and Papa "watching" the kids while I was busy with other stuff.