Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Horses and Frogs

Besides Emmett's first steps, we had some other fun at Ben and DeAnna's last night. Megan bought a childrens' saddle for Vegas so she could teach her nephews and niece to ride. My boys had their first rides with it last night.

Carson didn't enjoy sitting on Vegas

Emmett wasn't too sure about it either

Megan got up to try and comfort Emmett, but it didn't help

But she stayed mounted so she could give Avery a proper ride
instead of just leading him around. Avery loved it of course.

After the horse rides, Papa found a little frog

Avery holding the frog

I got a shot of Carson holding it too, but the frog took off immediately and startled Carson

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Mom said...

Avery certainly looks self-satisfied. Do you suppose in the middle of the night he tells the others how much they won't like it so he will have more time. Tee Hee! You didn't look much better than Emmett when you were that age and we tried putting you on a horse.