Thursday, June 18, 2009


Emmett loves rolling around in blankets. Today he was at it again when he sat up
and gave me a big grin. I didn't quite capture the smile, but how adorable is he anyway!

For all Emmett's non-stop moving, sometimes when he
climbs on the couch he'll just kick back. I think it's too cute!

Also today it was time to wash the cars. The boys
had a blast flinging suds... until Daddy banished them.

Avery helped a little with the car washing, then picked up his *new* scooter to
ride. When I was in 3rd grade I won this scooter as first prize in a drawing contest
through the post office. The brakes are shot now, but Avery is loving it and it's fine
for around the front of the house when he's supervised until Travis fixes the brakes.

While Avery helped with the cars, Carson tried out the scooter too

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morgan said...

That's so cool! That scooter was so much fun! I haven't seen it in years. Carson's shades are rockin'!