Monday, June 15, 2009


Today Avery turned over a large rock in our backyard and found two slugs!

Here's the smaller, speedy one (I brought a Sharpie out to
offer some scale, not that it's well positioned for this shot)

We moved the slugs to a bucket with some bark and rocks so Avery could show Daddy when he got home. We had to cover it so they wouldn't climb out ("no slugs were injured in the production of this post"), so I kept replacing cool rocks in it so they wouldn't cook.

Here's the speedy one which just climbed over the
big immovable one in the lower left of this shot:

After we showed Daddy, we put them back by a big rock in the shade. Avery moved
the speedy one (I don't want to think that he actually touched it) into his dump truck.

Carson takes a peek

Avery just didn't want to let him go


morgan said...

ewww!!!!! That's Chloe's comment. She is always trying to bring 'ant friends' into the house though....

Mom H said...

Avery is so fascinated by everything in life that I don't think there is anything he won't do to learn about new things. Too bad it had to be a slimey slug.