Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Avery's 6 Year Molar!

May 27th we took the kids to the office to say high to the staff and Aunt Angela cleaned Avery's teeth. While she cleaned she made a discovery. Our almost 4-and-a-half year old has a 6 year molar coming in! (See the 2 white spots behind his tooth) Well, he was early with his first teeth too, so I guess this is no surprise. His lower incisors are loose too and now he's very excited about the prospect of loosing his first tooth. We keep having to remind him that even though they're loose it may be a while.

On another Avery note...

Avery cozied up in the office chair (our only furniture in the living room) and said he was going to take a nap. We thought he was playing, and maybe he was, but next thing we knew he was out! Of course, it was only 2 days after getting to Salem, I'm sure he was still off kilter from all the excitement.


Angela said...

Wow his first perminate tooth! Makes me want to run and check Ethan's mouth. Ethan's two lower incisors are also loose, but no amount of tooth fairy talk will get him to wiggle them.

Mom H said...

Avery is following after his dad in so many ways. With Travis' first tooth at 2 months old to all primary teeth out before kindergarten, Avery will have to see if he can keep up with his dad's record. That is a big job to do along with everything else, no wonder he crashes at different times.