Sunday, November 1, 2009

Julie Marie

Sadly, Halloween night we didn't get to trick-or-treat at uncle Kevin and aunt Katrina's house - but that's because Julie Marie arrived right in the middle of trick-or treating! For their first baby Katrina didn't want to know the sex ahead of time, but okayed it for Kevin to be told in secret. The whole pregnancy they told everyone that the baby was always hiding and so even Kevin didn't know. What a liar he was! Surprise to Katrina, the tech did tell him and they just played dumb. Funny stuff.
Ever since Avery heard about Julie's birth, he's been asking to meet his new baby cousin and tonight we took him. (Carson and Emmett stayed with Grandma)

One of Avery's favorites is to get his finger held by a baby. He was so excited and so gentle and just so sweet with her.

One last shot with proud papa.

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Aaron and Kristel said...

I love newborn pictures! And I must admit amazing girls are born on Halloween! ;)