Thursday, August 5, 2010

Again And Again

EmmettAgain Emmett? Seriously? Yeah, the little punk did this Monday (as previously posted) and Tuesday and Wednesday. Not today though, thankfully. Hmm... Who's not learning their lesson, him, or me for not getting the toothpaste out of his reach (which I have no clue where that would be).


Angela said...

I got this suction cup thing that hold toothbrushes and there's a little shelf for tooth paste from Wal-mart. I have it suctioned to the top of the mirror out of reach of little hands. Do you think that would work or would it just encourage him to climb and possibly break something?

Mom said...

If toothpaste sold by the gallon.....good grief!!!!that would be a serious ouch. I guess you'll have to call him bluebeard. It color coordinates with his outfit. It's not toxic. It doesn't become hard and unremoveable. It stayed in the bathroom (didn't it?)What are some other positives?....It's not in his ears (is it?). Just you wait Mom...he is going to be an exceptional (mad) scientist.