Wednesday, August 18, 2010


After a delay, I finally received my Lensbaby that I won for this. Obviously I had to try it out immediately!
Carson was laying there conveniently

Then Avery wanted to model. He was indignant that Monkey was out of focus and I had to explain how the lens works (just a sweet spot of "in focus" that can be moved around to where you want, the rest blurs out).

It focuses manually, which takes a little practice, but when you get it right it's tack sharp!

And because those inside pictures weren't displaying the effect well enough, I stepped outside and pointed it at a tree.

I'm happy it got here in time to go to the dunes for the weekend tomorrow since I think it will create fun movement in a picture of the boys sitting on the quads!


Mindy said...

what a fun "toy"! I love how tack sharp it really does look in focus.

Mom said...

I think the picture of the tree in all that 'movement' made my stomach queezy. How bizarre is that! You're going to have fun at the dunes. Pretty soon you're going to need your own trailer for your photo equipment.

Aaron and Kristel said...

What a fun new toy for you, congrats again on winning!