Monday, August 2, 2010

Aumsville One Year Anniversary

Last August Hunsaker Dental opened a second office in the small town of Aumsville, OR and on Saturday we had a party for the one year anniversary of the Aumsville office. There were hot dogs and sausages on the Traeger, cake, a raffle and 1430 KYKN broadcast from there.

The kids colored

The staff acted like... the staff

Emmett hung out with Papa

And Dr. Ben...

...and Dr. Travis each chatted on the radio several times.

And since I never posted about the Aumsville office last year when we were building it or the final results, I figure here's a good place to do that.

Of course I have plenty of pictures from the building process, but here's two from when Ben and Travis were running the speaker wires.

And Avery helped of course.

Today the building looks like this


Reception from the other side. Being in a rural community they decided to give the office a John Deere theme. That's why Ben bought the old John Deere he uses to pull our float in all the parades we started doing last year. All the pictures in the office are ones I took in the area and mostly in keeping with the rural theme. They can all be seen over on Laurie Marie Photography.

Each operatory has a theme in pictures, like the Waterfall room (one of the deviations from rural)

And the Tractor room. There's also the Hay room and the fourth operatory still needs pictures as it's only more recently been outfitted but the plan is to put up some of my pictures from the coast (the other deviation from rural)

And that's the Aumsville office.

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