Thursday, January 13, 2011

Avery Cakes

AveryAvery loves to help cook. Since Grandma B. is extra patient about that with him, it's one of the special highlights of seeing Grandma for Avery. For this particular post, it's Grandpa who helped Avery cook. One morning we were in Spokane, eating pancakes, and Avery proclaimed that he wanted to make a new secret recipe: Graham Cracker Pancakes. So Grandpa (who's always experimenting with new and different pancake recipes) made a recipe for Avery. They even ground their own wheat flour to use in it! So, this particular recipe has been christened "Avery Cakes" and they are quite delicious. Avery loves them. Think you want the recipe? Sorry, Avery has decided this is a top secret family-only recipe. In fact, he would be concerned if he knew I told you they were graham cracker pancakes!

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