Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year's

I only took one picture leading up to midnight. Avery ate too many sausage, cheese and Ritz cracker sandwiches and then puked it all out. So I had to take care of him and then he curled up in my lap and fell asleep and this is the one shot I took with my phone.
Laurie,Avery,New Year's

When midnight came I woke Avery and asked if he wanted to participate in the merry making outside.
He did, although I don't think he was in the best mood. In fact, when the kids were on the porch waiting for the adults to finish with the guns and the cannon, I caught this shot of the punk mid-naughtiness.
Emmett,Avery,Damon,Alli,New Year's

Finally, the grown-ups were done and the kids got to play with a few sparklers and poppers.
Damon,Avery,Emmett,New Year's

This was Emmett's first sparkler!
Avery,Emmett,New Year's

Carson,New Year's

Olivia loved her sparkler
Molly,Olivia,New Year's

Avery's popper turned out to be rather stuck and aunt Angela had to help.
Avery,Angela,New Year's

Happy New Year!

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Heather said...

Hi Laurie! This is Heather from your book group. I come to your blog via our mutual friend Laura P. I'm enjoying all your photos. Those are some great shots of sparkler action! And it's fun to see M and her kiddos. But it's that first shot of you with your sleeping boy that is the sweetest. My blog is private, but your welcome to come by. I'll send you an invite. :)