Wednesday, January 19, 2011


On New Year's Day, loads of the Hunsaker family drove into the Cascade foothills to go shooting. I didn't go. Carson would have hated the noise and Emmett would have needed to be left strapped in his car seat to keep him safe, he's just too young and all over the place to be let around that kind of thing. Also, this new location they shot at turned out to be particularly child unfriendly because it was right off the road without a lot of room to do anything but shoot, so there would be no taking them off separately to play in the snow or anything. I didn't get to go last year either. Travis wants to make it up to me by taking me shooting just the two of us for a date, which sounds great, we haven't done that since before kids, but that's not quite the same as going with the whole family. It's been three years since the last time I got to go with everyone.

Here's Travis, Angela and DeAnna shooting the .50 cal. Check out what happens to the stuff on the table when Travis shoots. Angela and DeAnna show how the gun kicks.

Shooting 50 cal BMG from Laurie H on Vimeo.


Here someone shoots some Tannerite, a legal exploding target.

Shooting Tannerite from Laurie H on Vimeo.

That gate was like swiss cheese from so many people using this place as a shooting range.
Here's a picture of what the .50 looks like in the fence

This is the inside of the tube. The lump at the bottom is what the .50 did to 2 inches of steal. All the other lumps and holes higher up are in a section of steal that's only half the width of the base. Only the .50 made a mark in the double thick section! That's some serious power.

Here's a picture I found showing a good comparison of the .50 to other bullet sizes. That's the .50 on the left.
.50 cal comparison

Avery also got to shoot and even his his target on the first shot.

Avery's turn to shoot from Laurie H on Vimeo.

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