Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

It was Emmett's turn to be a cowboy this year and I thought it would be cute if instead of a generic cowboy he was Sheriff Woody from Toy Story and Carson could be Buzz Lightyear. Carson loved the idea. Since we already had a much better hat than what comes in the costumes along with things to suit the rest of Woody's outfit, all I had to do was sew a cow print vest for Emmett. Except I don't really sew. The vest really stretched me, but I'm super happy with how it turned out.
Here's the split screen of my four cowboys at relatively the same age:
Travis,Avery Carson,Emmett,Halloween

The boys were so excited to trick-or-treat that when we went out front for pictures, they thought they would try trick-or-treating our door first!

Carson, I mean Buzz, as he kept reminding me, putting an arm around his best friend

Why do they look so grumpy when they were actually so happy?

Let's try sitting... just long enough for Emmett to blink and...

take off again.

Avery was the transformer Bumblebee last year but when he went to preschool and saw an Optimus Prime with a gun he vowed for the entire year that's what he would be this year. Optimus with a gun. No, Mom, we can't buy that Optimus, it doesn't have a gun. I have to be Optimus Prime with a gun. Fine. Too bad he's just holding it here instead of wearing it on his arm.

And Emmett's off again.

There's a little Emmett smile!

First we went to Julie's costume birthday party. Angela made an amazing cake!



Which Julie thoroughly enjoyed.

Then we all went trick-or-treating. Emmett was leery about this fog.

And Miss Alli Shark thought it made her cough.

I could tell Avery's mask wasn't the easiest to see out of, but he never complained.

What a fun Halloween!

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RaQuelle Willey said...

you did a great job on the costume, impressive! What a great Halloween. I agree that cake is amazing!