Thursday, December 9, 2010

Avery's 6th Birthday Party

Last Saturday we had Avery's 6th birthday party. Avery wanted a Spongebob theme, so this was the invitation I made for it.

Welcome to Bikini Bottom! (Yeah, it would have looked better taped under the sign instead of on the sides, but when you delegate to the husband without explicit instructions, you have to live with what you get.)

Watch out for the jellyfish field when you walk in!

And inside we had lots of blue and green balloons on the ceiling and a few yellow ones with Spongebob's face. The jelly fish on the ceiling didn't last all night like this though and had to be taped up.

When I woke up Saturday morning all the jellyfish had floated down under the weight of the streamers and were hovering just off the ground like this in a very jellyfish-like manner. It was pretty cool, but obviously they wouldn't stay that way for the party.

I had some fun ideas for the cake, but decided to relinquish control to my sis-in-law Angela who's practicing her cake skills for an upcoming wedding in the family. She had done a great job on cousin Julie's cake, so we let her make Avery a standing Spongebob! How cool is that!?

And the 6 being orange was a cherry on top for Avery since his favorite color is orange. These things are big deals for kids apparently. :)

All the kids got to color a section of Spongebob and then really enjoyed putting the puzzle together. They all agreed their crazy-colored Spongebob was the coolest one they had ever seen. After Spongebob was pieced together, we played Pin the Tie on Spongebob.

Pinata time!

It's raining candy!

Avery got great presents. This one was from Mom and Dad, it's a bed tent that he absolutely loves!

Time to blow out the candle and cut up Spongebob!

Papa got a little macabre on us and declared Spongebob a self-serving cake.

Before the kids left they each got to go Jellyfishing in the jellyfish field.

Some of the little ones needed some extra help

We had a really great 6th birthday for Avery!
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Kari said...

Super fun party Laurie!