Tuesday, June 28, 2011


After Travis' marathon a few weeks ago, the boys and Alli finally got to go to the beach while the invalid marathoners stayed in the RV. Considering the crippling heat the marathon runners experienced, it turned out to be the absolute best weather I've ever experienced on the beach!

Hauling a load

The others headed out to the surf
DeAnna, Carson, Emmett, Ben, Alli

So Carson and I joined them. He has such a natural run. No flailing around or prancing or whatnot.

Looks like he takes his running seriously, too.

Then he kept running from the surf as it came in.
Avery, Alli, Carson

This one he decided to stay put on, with a little balancing help from his brother.
Carson, Avery

Emmett needed lots of balance help from Papa
Emmett, Ben

Carson turned to run on this one, but too late, the surf was too high and he lost his balance

Poor guy

Look at me, Mom, I'm dripping wet, cold and miserable... and you're still taking pictures?!

It was such a warm day, Carson was fine, he just walked safely with Grandma from then.

Avery, on the other hand, was ecstatic with joy to be at the beach.

I love how he looks like he's dancing in the middle one.

But this leap was my favorite.

Who doesn't love to slosh through the surf.

We all went for a long walk down the beach.
DeAnna, Carson, Alli, Ben, Emmett, Avery

Of course, after all that wet walking in the surf, sand sticks to everything.


Avery, Emmett, Carson

Digging like a dog

Funny face

Feet burying
Carson, Emmett

Running like dogs
Carson, Avery

And at the beach, of course you have to build sand castles. Although, the tops didn't quite turn out the way they expected.
Avery, Carson

I definitely wish every day at the beach could have as fantastic weather as we had this day.

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Mom said...

I think Avery loves life. Sometimes Carson is still deciding.