Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Visit From Grandpa

We had a very short visit from my Daddy. Yesterday afternoon he arrived in time for lunch. Then we showed him the crazy new park by us, then the scuba shop and instructor I'm learning scuba from (more on that later!), and we took a trip to the library. After Travis got home we went to dinner at our favorite Mexican joint, La Hacienda Real, and then introduced Grandpa to dessert at Limeberry (a self-serve frozen yogurt shop).
This morning we enjoyed Avery Cakes with Grandpa and then it was time for him to go...

Or was it?
Grandpa, Avery, Carson, Emmett

See, Mom, we've got him trapped!
Grandpa, Avery, Carson, Emmett

Avery, Carson, Emmett

I eventually managed to pull them away from the door for a picture with Grandpa.
Emmett, Grandpa, Carson, Avery

And then it was really time to say goodbye.
Avery Grandpa hug

Grandpa Carson Emmett hug

Already this afternoon, Emmett has complained, "I want Grandpa."

Thanks for coming, even if it was such a short stop! We love you Grandpa!

1 comment:

Mom said...

Once in a while life isn't fair. Grandpa got hugs and fun and grandma wasn't there. :(
But I'll make sure I get my turn. Can't go too long without seeing those boys or they will be taller than I am.