Thursday, June 30, 2011

Are You Kanga?

Recently, Emmett asked me, "Are you Kanga?" After some explanation, I learned that I was Kanga, he was Roo, Avery was Tigger, Travis was Rabbit and Carson was Piglet. Carson didn't like that and decided he was Pooh. I thought it was funny that Emmett tagged his Dad as Rabbit. Somewhat insightful? Well, and Avery is certainly crazy like Tigger, so I thoroughly enjoyed Emmett's classifications.
When I told my Mom, she immediately determined she was Piglet, and we decided my Dad could be Owl. Not that he's long-winded like Owl, but he fits the wise old owl profile. I'm glad I can't think of an Eeyore in the family...
Pooh Bear and Friends

Silly Emmett. I mean Roo.

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Mom said...

What an imagination!