Thursday, June 16, 2011

Honda 90

This weekend we'll be camping at the dunes on the coast and Avery is so excited to take the new toy...

At the end of May we bought a Honda 90 ATV for the boys. It's perfect for Avery now, with room to grow, and with two boys to follow, it will likely be well loved.

Travis drove it out into Papa and Grandma's front field for Avery to have his first run.

This picture makes me think some sort of hero music should be playing...

First instruction
Travis, Avery

He's a natural!

After several loops around the front yard, Avery decided he was ready to move on and started to take off around the house. Travis decided he could go and of course Avery headed right for the packed dirt hill. Here's video of that.

Then Papa came out with his 4-wheeler and he and Emmett played follow the leader with Avery, taking him all around and through the trees, for some great practice at steering and control.
Ben, Emmett, Avery, Travis

Emmett loves riding the quads!
Ben Emmett

Following Papa down the hill again!
Avery, Travis

Then Avery got to be the leader. He did a great job!
Avery, Ben, Emmett, Travis

Carson tried it out, but had trouble grasping the light touch on the gas.
Travis, Carson

So Dad hopped on and after showing Carson how to do it, let Carson run the gas and steering, with just some occasional correction from Dad.
Travis, Carson

Then I had a turn with Carson. He didn't want it to end!
Laurie, Carson

Until Papa brought the Ranger out. Then all the boys just wanted a ride. Although, why he wanted to go down into the dregs of the pond, I don't know.

Avery, Carson, Emmett, Ben

Looking forward to the dunes this weekend!

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Mom said...

How can it be that Avery is this old already? I remember when we first made cheesecake together. I don't think he was even 3 yet. As the far-away grandma I get teary-eyed looking at this. I love the picture that needs the hero music. I'm glad his dad is so patient and careful in his teaching. Thanks for taking such good care of my gandsons.