Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July

This fourth of July was the first time we got to really enjoy the new backyard since Megan's wedding. This great new yard was begging for a game, so a Volleyball net was set up and fit perfectly between trees in the big grassy area. Perfect!
 photo 2012-07-04IMG_3901ss.jpg

 photo 2012-07-04IMG_3905ss.jpg

No more traipsing through mud and spiderwebs in the trees to get to the picnic shelter for family BBQs.
 photo 2012-07-04IMG_3903ss.jpg

The kids got creative in robbing the cherry tree.
 photo 2012-07-04IMG_3907ss.jpg

The tree was loaded!
 photo 2012-07-04IMG_3912ss.jpg

Time to play! Actually, when we first arrived I joined DeAnna and Molly in a game of girls against guys and we kicked butt. After 4 total games during the evening, all guys against girls, it ended with each team winning 2.
 photo 2012-07-04IMG_3913ss.jpg

 photo 2012-07-04IMG_3925ss.jpg

Mostly we kept the kids off the court so they didn't get trampled, but sometimes they got to come on and help. Go Emmett!
 photo 2012-07-04IMG_3920ss.jpg

Finally it was time for some fiery fun.
 photo 2012-07-04IMG_3932-ss.jpg

 photo 2012-07-04IMG_3935-ss.jpg

Roman candles!
 photo 2012-07-04IMG_3951-ss.jpg

Avery loves Roman candles
 photo 2012-07-04IMG_3976ss.jpg

And he loves these too. And all fireworks for that matter.
 photo 2012-07-04IMG_4020-ss.jpg

Carson's quite a bit more cautious.
 photo 2012-07-04IMG_4040ss.jpg

Emmett's pretty gung ho too though.
 photo 2012-07-04IMG_4051-ss.jpg

 photo 2012-07-04IMG_4167-ss.jpg

 photo 2012-07-04IMG_4171-ss.jpg

A big debris field of firecracker wrappings -  but wait! - this one didn't go off! Better light it with a torch!
 photo 2012-07-04IMG_4254-ss.jpg

 photo 2012-07-04IMG_4278-ss.jpg

 photo 2012-07-04IMG_4282-ss.jpg

After a bit Emmett tucked himself up in a chair...
 photo 2012-07-04IMG_4280ss.jpg

And shortly thereafter he was out. So much fun and excitement will take it out of a little man!
 photo 2012-07-04IMG_4328ss.jpg

Mortar finale, and a happy 4th of July!
 photo 2012-07-04IMG_4014ss.jpg

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