Monday, July 23, 2012

Rafting Take 3

It's a month full of rafting! My parents came to visit and we decided rafting would be a great activity to take Grandpa and Grandma Benjamin on.
 photo 2012-07-20P7201804-6-ss.jpg

This is the first time I'm sitting up front with Avery.
 photo 2012-07-20P7201802-ss.jpg

The whole crew. Carson was still freaked out so he sat really close with Grandma.
 photo 2012-07-20P7201829-ss.jpg

Avery gets to give the oars a try.
 photo 2012-07-20P7201833-ss.jpg

Carson's turn
 photo 2012-07-20P7201839-ss.jpg

Emmett's turn.
 photo 2012-07-20P7201848-ss.jpg

This video is just 1:30 and lots better than the last two rafting trip videos as far as showing what the rapids look like and steadiness!

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