Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beach Day

The day after we went rafting we went out to the coast and Travis took the little kayak to see how difficult the little one might be in the ocean. While he set up, I took the boys over to the tide pools.
Emmett found a critter right away.
 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4352-ss.jpg

So slimy and awesome!
 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4355-ss.jpg

It looks like a little eel.
 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4359-ss.jpg

 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4361-ss.jpg

I convinced Emmett to put it back in the water.
 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4371-ss.jpg

And it swam around his foot
 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4372-ss.jpg

Then he wanted to pick it up again...
 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4373-ss.jpg

One of the fun things about Cape Kiwanda is the dory fleet that launches from there. When the come in they come screaming at the beach and slide up the sand.
 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4338-ss.jpg

When we got back we watched Travis try out the little kayak.
 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4382-ss.jpg

 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4388-ss.jpg

Making it out
 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4392-ss.jpg

Although it looks very precarious.
 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4394-ss.jpg

The boys found some pools warmed by the sun to play in.
 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4396-ss.jpg

 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4399-ss.jpg

 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4401-ss.jpg

 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4409-ss.jpg

Moving back up the beach after the surf had carried him down a ways.
 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4411-ss.jpg

 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4414-ss.jpg

 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4416-ss.jpg

Riding the wave
 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4424-ss.jpg

The nose always slid into the water and sprayed Travis in the face
 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4429-ss.jpg

That doesn't look all that enjoyable to me, but he was making it in straight.
 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4430-ss.jpg

And then he started to turn...
 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4431-ss.jpg

And this animation shows what happens when you turn sideways to the wave
 photo 2012-07-07-IMG_4434-GIF-animation.gif

But still he goes out again and again
 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4458-ss.jpg

 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4469-ss.jpg

Well, at least he had lots of fun!
 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4471-ss.jpg

Sand in your mouth Carson?
 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4484-ss.jpg

Another great, fun day in the sun!
 photo 2012-07-07IMG_4477-ss.jpg

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