Monday, September 14, 2009

Avery's First Day of Preschool

Today was Avery's first day of preschool! He was so excited after the orientation, but as this weekend went on and Monday got closer he got more and more nervous. He did great saying goodbye, despite the nerves.
His school is in this great old converted Victorian.

When I went to pick Avery up, the owner pulled me aside and told me "he did great" and "in fact, his behavior really surprised me." Really, what is that supposed mean? When she said "he had a really good day," Avery piped up in a sulky voice and said "No I didn't."
Uh oh.
So when we headed for the car I started asking him about the day.
"What did you do?"
"Nothing." (still sulky)
Knowing Mondays focus on reading and writing, I asked "Did you read any stories today?"
"I can't read, Mom."
"I mean did any of your teachers read stories to you"
"No, just one story." (still attitude)
"Well,that sounds nice. Then what did you do?"
As we drove home, Avery got more and more in to telling me "and then..." so that by the time we got home his attitude had turned around.
"So, you like school then?"
"Yeah, it was great!!!"
"WHAT? Then why did you tell me you didn't have a good day and all the the crankiness?!"
"I was just kidding, Mom." (as in, DUH Mom, of course I was joking!)
Seriously? What is with this kid?
Anyway, by the time we pulled in our driveway, he was incredibly depressed to learn he only gets to go 3 times a week instead of 5.

Later that afternoon, after putting Emmett (the climb on the table and put things in his mouth kid) down for a nap, Avery asked to color.
Again, WHAT?
This kid NEVER colors. I believe he thinks is,'why sit still and color when I can be on the move playing.'
Apparently, there was no coloring at school that day to inspire him, he just wanted to. Still, I think school must have inspired somehow...


RaQuelle Willey said...

Love first day of school pictures! So glad he is liking it so much, despite what he says that first day ;)

Aaron and Kristel said...

He looks so grown up.. glad he is enjoying school :)

Mom said...

Avery way! You have to have set that photo up. Is Carson a colorer or just an 'if he is, I am too'?