Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tooth Number Two

Here we are, a day shy of two weeks from Avery's first lost tooth, and it's time to loose another. As I said before, his bottom two central incisors have been loose for months, but now one of them is really painful and gray, just like the top one he lost two weeks ago was, and Avery's all for yanking this one too.
Last look before it comes out

Floss worked last time, so that's what we started with this time. You can really see how gray the tooth is here!

Except floss didn't work this time. Travis wanted to give up and Avery wanted to keep trying. I said, "you're a dentist, don't dentists use pliers!"
Finding the right angle:

Finally Travis had to headlock Avery. Look at this kid, all smiles the whole time...

... except for when it comes to the actual pull.

Wait, the smile is back!



Nicki said...

Laurie--we miss you here in Milwaukee. But I LOVE to still stalk your blog. Your boys are adorable, of course, and you always keep me laughing. Take care!

Jessica said...

Laurie, I'm not sure those "forceps" are up to OSHA standards. I hope you'll have your dear Dr. husband "autoclave" them next time for sanitary purposes. Just teasing. Love all the pics, how fun. I can't believe Avery is all for the pulling of teeth, I've seen kids that will let it hang by a thread, moving in all directions, before pulling it out. Those pliers look scary.

Mom said...

Make sure the pliers are put away. I know he wants to be a dentist but no sense in practicing on Carson now. TEE HEE!

You're the man Avery!

RaQuelle Willey said...

wow Travis pulled out the pliers? I would be crying my eyes out and yet he looks so excited.
I can't believe he's already loosing teeth but then I remember he got all his teeth in way early too.

Mindy said...

What a brave kid! Can't believe he smiled even with the tools out.

Gamma H said...

A little late on my posting, but I love these pix. Avery is so brave unlike his dad who would run away screaming one moment to not pull it and in the next crying because the tooth hurt too much.
Mom H