Friday, September 25, 2009

Too Much TV?

A conversation between Avery and Travis:

Avery: What's rich, Dad?
Travis: Usually it means when you have a lot of money.
Avery: How do you get a lot of money?
Travis: By working hard and saving money.
Avery: By saving money with Geico?


morgan said...

LOL!!! Chloe's not even aloud to watch Hannah Montana, but we'll go to a store and there's Jace yelling Hannah, HANNAH. Gotta love those commercials!

Tami and Aaron said...

That is hilarious! Aaron and I couldn't stop laughing. Tell Avery we say hello.

Mom said...

Wait until he starts asking questions about feminine products or.......

Way funny!!!

Mindy said...

So funny!

Mandie said...

oh, that's funny!