Sunday, September 27, 2009


On Friday, Travis went in to get Emmett up after his nap and found him without pants and diaper. Instead, everything was covered in poop. It was all over Emmett, in his hair, on the crib, the walls, and dropped on the floor.
I washed Emmett and the sheet, blankets and crib pad, then kept the boys out of the way while Travis washed the crib and bedroom with much aggression. One pass to clear all the excess junk. A second pass to wipe the rest off until nothing can be seen. A third pass to disinfect it all.
Washing Emmett took more than one pass too. The stink didn't want to come off his skin! I scrubbed that poor kid red.

New policy. Onesies are a requirement.

Sunday mornings we get Emmett up last, as the last to get ready for church. This morning was no different, but this time we found him without pants, onesie open, and again the poop was everywhere.
Are you kidding me?!

Again, Emmett was scrubbed red, several times.
Travis managed pass one and two, but the sheets and blankets and disinfecting pass had to wait until after church. When we got home, Travis disassembled every piece of the crib and individually disinfected them in the shower. He took over two hours in the cleaning.

New policy: onesies with overalls or footie pajamas. Maybe we can do jeans with a seriously cinched belt...

Sorry, no pictures.

What a crappy weekend.


Angela said...

Yeah....sorry about that there always seems to be might want to put his PJs on him backwards. What is it with kids and poo don't they realize it smells?

Right now Ammon insists on wiping himself, but can't do it on the toilet so he slides off...yeah it's gross.

Laura Marriott said...

That sounds horrible. I'm so sorry! (But I'm also probably going to relate that story in those poo converstations people sometimes have...I think it's a bit funny too. I didnt have to clean it up...)