Monday, November 16, 2009

Counterclockwise = Turning Down

Last night Travis made chocolate chip cookies. When I came out from the computer to see what he was doing, he said, "You're right, that oven sucks. I kept having to turn the temp and time down until I was at 300 for only like 8 minutes!" I go to try a cookie and notice the oven is set to 400. I mention this, Travis comes to check and: "Oh, ...CRAP!"
Good try honey, good try. Apparently he started at the correct temperature but wasn't thinking straight when he wanted to turn it down and he turned the dial backwards. Down equals down in temperature, right? No, counterclockwise equals down in temp (and volume and anything else on a dial). Poor Travis.
On the up side, these particular cookies are always better after completely cooling and by today they were really very good.

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