Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Premiere

New MoonLast night I went to the midnight premiere of New Moon with my sister-in-law, Angela. For $5 a ticket you could watch Twilight at 9pm which saved your seat for New Moon. We definitely took advantage of not having to wait outside in line freezing an extra 3 and a half hours when we could have a seat in a warm theater!

I quite liked New Moon. Part of this could be due to my avoiding the book for a long time prior so I couldn't be so nit picky. More importantly, and thankfully, the acting was significantly improved. The effects improved as well and I think they did a good job of covering the important things. I can live with the artistic licenses taken in this film.

As a general rule, books are always better than movies, but, in part, there's a reversal of that here. I find the center of New Moon painful to read. It just drags. I know life is painful and a drag for Bella, but still. It doesn't help that I'm definitely not team of Jacob. The movie's middle was much better. Obviously that's because they can and must compress all that time in all those pages for the big screen. Thank goodness because it made it way better.

By the time I was driving home, I already wanted to see it again.

While I am team Edward, I find Robert Pattinson just okay. However, I had Travis' cell with me and I thought it would be funny to leave him with a close up of Edward's head from the movie poster as his background. I didn't hear anything about it this morning until he was talking to someone on the phone and said he just about gagged when he first picked it up. Apparently he didn't know how to change it back either, so it took him a bit to fix it. he he. Good times.

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