Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Rude Interuption

I shower when Emmett's napping and I put something on the TV for Avery and Carson.
I expect peace and quiet.
I expect to be left alone.
I do not expect to have Avery come in and inform me that Carson is getting into the gum drops.
"Well, go tell him Mom says to stay out of them"
I do not expect Avery to come back and tell me Carson has broken the jar.
If that's true there's now candy mixed with broken glass on the floor while I'm all soapy and wet.
And it's my fault for leaving them out. Usually they're up in a cupboard but I had the jar out to measure fabric pieces to cover that size lid.


Mom said...

Well, they are a great color and the photo is very telling of the outcome......but, really what disgusting candy!!! Carson must elevate his palate.

Angela said...

At least Avery told you. Ethan just would've joined in the fun or better yet he would've been the one to manipulate Ammon into doing it and then turn on him the second things went wrong.