Saturday, November 21, 2009


It was a double header for Angela and I this weekend with New Moon Thursday
night and last night we went to go to the tour of So You Think You Can Dance!

So stoked! Let's get this party started!

I was impressed with the quality of images I got out of this show, and like I said, this is an Ode to SYTYCD, (I certainly took enough pictures!) so I'm representing pretty much every couples' dance in these two collages:


I think my favorite dance of the season might have been Wade Robson's Thieves routine
(first picture in the second collage) if it weren't for Mia Michaels' Addiction dance. SO moving.
The dance lends itself well to great pictures, and I thought about doing a
collage just ofthis dance, but instead I've settled on one big powerful shot.

They did lots of group dances too, but this is absolutely my favorite shot of all the group dances.

A funny moment was when Kupono came out dressed in some great 80's workout attire. He worked
his way around, with many positions, to the point of promoting a new SYTYCD workout video.

Another funny bit was when Janine and Phillip kept trying to get on stage dressed for their Russian
folk dance. They were repeatedly sent away with comments like "no one wants to see that again!"

Finally, they "sneaked" on stage and began performing before anyone could catch them. Next thing you know, everyone came out dressed for Russian folk dance. After a little of the original uninspiring version, boys' shirts were off and girls' skirts were shortened and we were given a much livelier and way better Russian dance. Unfortunately, I think Phillip must have been injured because after the tame start of the dance, he disappeared off stage for the better part and we never saw him dance anything else or do a solo. :(

All of them (except Phillip) gave their best solo performances too. Who can forget Brandon's
phenomenal O'Fortuna solo that got him a standing ovation from the judges!?

Three cheers for all the fabulous dancers! What an amazing show!


Carolyn Hanson said...

GREAT pic, Laurie! Brings back so many good memories of all those dances. I LOVED that season.

Carolyn Hanson said...

Pics, I mean. :)

Shiara said...

You got some really good pictures there! The second to last picture is amazing, good timing! I can't believe someone can do that! That looks WAY better than the Nutcracker performance we went to last night! ;)

RaQuelle Willey said...

oh I am so incredibly jealous! I bet it was just amazing. Great pictures though, so fun to see.