Monday, November 23, 2009

Wii Box

I decided I had enough stamina for a triple header, and invited Kevin & Katrina (and Julie!) over to hang out Saturday night (after already having a really late night with New Moon and then another late night with SYTYCD). Kevin & Katrina brought their remotes so we could all four play the Wii and we ate freshly made chocolate chip cookies. (I even had a mii ready for everyone. Shortly after we got the Wii, I was bored once and made characters for all the siblings, spouses and parents.) After some Mario Cart, Travis and Kevin decided to box. After a few rounds, Travis enjoyed some wife beating. What happened? I use to be able to knock him out no problem! I played only two rounds, and could really feel it. We "cooled down" with some nice bowling.

Now today, two days later, I'm practically disabled. Only two measly rounds Saturday night and my arms are screaming trying to get Emmett in and out of the crib today! So pathetic! I thought working them out again might help get me through the pain, so this morning I asked Avery if he wanted to box.
"Why would I want a box?"
"No, no, do you want to play boxing on the Wii?"
"OH! Yeah!!!"
With many threats of "I'm gonna knock you down, Mom!" and "I'm gonna beat you, Mom!" I got us all set up. We'd barely thrown a single punch when the phone rang. I tried chatting on the phone and boxing at the same time, but the result was Avery definitely knocking me out. Well, he was happy. Then I set up Carson and Avery to have a go. Now that was funny to watch.


Mindy said...

Haha! It'd be fun to see a video of your kids boxing, even though I'm not usually into watching videos of other people's kids.
PS. My grandma's nursing home has a wii now! The old women have been complaining of pain in their arms...from too much bowling!

Gamma H said...

Next time you really should record the boys boxing. I agree it would be fun to see. I bet Avery was pretty pumped that he ko'd you.

RaQuelle Willey said...

looks like all the boys loved it!