Monday, March 22, 2010

18 Month Old Party

Emmett and 4 other little ones in our ward were turning 18 months and going into nursery within weeks of each other. Chances are pretty good that these kids will grow up, at least in the same stake, together. One of the mom's had a great idea to throw a party for them. I think she said her husband had that done for him when he was little and he still knows some of the kids from his party. What a fun thing to look back at pictures of (since they won't actually remember!)

The party had a theme of primary or bright colors and we planned for the kids to wear solid bright colors. The room was full of giant bright balloons, bright toys and so forth. Snacks included a rainbow of fruit and rainbow goldfish. There were even fabulous rainbow lollipop cookies.

At the end we had the kids (minus Mae who had to leave early) sit on the Twister mat (both for it color and making clean up easy!) to share some rainbow cupcakes... Then the drama unfolded...

First Emmett (who seemed to have a good mutual attachment with Phaedra) wanted Phaedra to rub his feet.

Meanwhile, Lillian's making her move on Ian.

But when Phaedra gets up, Lillian takes notice of Emmett, "hey, cutie, how's that cupcake?"

"Oh no she di'int!"

Emmett: "C'mon, baby, it's not what you think!"

"Ah, Phaedra, comeback and eat your cupcake! I promise it was nothing!"

Funny stuff.

Emmett's not very impressed with Mom and her camera, so these next were all I really got of him, but check out Laurie Marie Photography for some individual shots of the other cute kiddos!


Thanks for such a great party!


Mom said...

I'm so glad you caught all of that 'commentary'. Has Emmett been picking up useful lines from his older bros or catching on to some of Lightning McQueen's moves?

Jocelyn said...

Maybe that's why Phaedra doesn't want to go to nursery: deserted by her man and betrayed by her friend!