Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Ugly Birthday Cake

March 9th was my birthday and that evening I had my last evening with the 2nd Ward Young Women as their 1st councilor (our move took us out of the ward a week and a half earlier). While I was gone I knew Travis was making my cake because he had called on the way home from work asking what kind I wanted. Usually I like chocolate with a fruit filling, but this time I opted for lemon with a lemon pie filling.

When I got home I made a few discoveries.
First: Apparently Travis thought 2 layers meant 2 boxes (instead of my 2 round pans).
Second: Travis made me an ugly cake.

To his credit he really tried. The first layer came out fine and he had it set up on the back of a cookie sheet with the pie filling spread and waiting. When turning over the second layer it completely fell apart and got everywhere. He "glued" the pieces back together on top of the pie filling then put the 9x13 over the mess and flipped it over. The top looks like it's been skinned because that's the layer that stuck to the cookie sheet.

So it was ugly. But that's okay, frosting covers so many imperfections.

But wait...

Apparently, Travis stopped trying after the fiasco and the frosting got slapped on. It was actually all pretty funny, especially the thought of him having three kids running around in the midst of cake falling everywhere. Besides, it tasted good!

However, just to really drive home the point on effort here, I just have to share what I've made for him the last two years: 2009 & 2008. Well, better luck next year, honey.


Aaron and Kristel said...

hahaha... he gets an A for effort from me ;) However, it is a really ugly birthday cake!

Mindy said...

I think that for your next birthday, he should try making cinnamon rolls. After all, he'd be expert at cutting them apart with dental floss.