Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Carson!

Sunday was Carson's 3rd birthday so we had a little family party that evening. We didn't discuss a theme with him, we already knew it had to be Cars due to his obsession. Saturday he yelled out, "I can't wait for my Lightning McQueen birthday tomorrow and I will be 3!" Yup, no need to ask what he wanted. This and a few red and black balloons was it for the decorations. (Plus some Easter stuff there) I fed everyone nachos and we had rainbow chip cupcakes (in Lightning McQueen wrappers), chocolate cake and ice cream.

The family. I could actually spot at least a tiny glimpse of everyone in this picture except an MIA Emmett and Megan who hadn't arrived yet (and me of course). Ben, Angela, Shane, Avery, Alli (behind Avery), Carson, Katrina, Julie (in Katrina's arms) Kevin, Travis & DeAnna.

But here's Megan helping with the presents and Emmett trying to get into them.
Carson made out with lots of Cars stuff. The bowling set from Aunt Megan, the "ball machine" as the kids call it from Grandma Benjamin and the four additions to the set of little Cars vehicles that we got him have been the big hits of what they've had opportunity to play with so far. Carson also wants to run around all the time with his Lightning McQueen umbrella I got him.

Time to blow out the candle!

Then tonight, Monday, we went out as a family for a birthday dinner at Red Robin and not only did Carson get the free sundae, but he also got to meet Red Robin himself who was wandering around the restaurant. After dinner we hit the hair cutters as Carson obviously needed one, but so did Avery and Travis. They are (more) handsome now.

Happy Birthday, Carson!

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Aaron and Kristel said...

I cannot believe he is 3!!!! He is such a handsome little guy. Love the glimpse of your new house in the photos, yay!