Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Boxes And Paint

The boys love playing in boxes.

Avery picked up a box and started acting like a robot. Carson followed suit and then Emmett had to also. But why all the boxes? Because we were packing to move into our house we just bought!

We got an incredible deal on a short sale. It was long and tedious, but it worked out for us. It's a 4 bedroom plus a big bonus room (read: playroom!) and 2 1/2 bath. The garage is a "limo garage" where the right hand stall extends back the length of the house (read: weight room/Travis' shop). The lot could be bigger, but the deal just couldn't be beat by a long shot. And the lot is actually made smaller by a creek that runs through at the back. Here's the new digs:

We painted the whole interior, here's a shot of the kitchen with just the ceiling done.

This shot is really boring, but for those curious about the colors, the walls and ceiling were all a yellowish cream color (the small patch), so we painted the ceilings white (what a HUGE difference in brightening the place up!), and the walls an oatmeal. The original wall color I chose Travis decided was too dark for the whole house, so we went two shades lighter and my original choice was used for some accenting. Unfortunately, two shades is not enough of a difference for those accent bits to really stand out, but oh well. The lighter oatmeal in shadow looks the same as the darker oatmeal.

This picture sort of shows how yellow the walls were.

One wall of the formal living room and one wall of our bedroom each got chocolate. The rest of our bedroom we did in my darker original color choice. I LOVE our bedroom. It's huge (this picture shows very little) and we have his and hers closets, a big master bathroom with a jetted tub, two sinks but still plenty of counter space and a full size shower with two shower heads. It's not meant for two people because built in seats on each side don't give enough standing room for two, just fabulous luxury for one person (and a pain in the wallet when time to pay the water bill!)

Carson loved his (and Avery's) bright blue room at this first siting.

And here's a picture I took of Emmett just the other day so I could include a shot with his one vibrant green wall. The funny thing is Carson doesn't refer to these rooms according to the owners, but instead as "the blue room" and "the green room."

More of the house will undoubtedly unfold as I post more, but I'm not sure I'll do another post on just the house. We don't have enough stuff to actually decorate or even furnish the place so I'm a long way from feeling like any room is complete. We have big plans for the yards though and we've already done some in the back, so watch for posts on that!


Mindy said...

The blue and green sure are bright! I'm glad you got such a good deal on a gorgeous home.

Mom said...

I'm lovin' that chocolate wall. I'm glad you're not afraid of color.

Jocelyn said...

Wow! You've been blogging like crazy. I'll have to catch up. The house looks great. I can't wait to come see it.