Sunday, March 21, 2010

Avery's Fourth Lost Tooth

Avery's lower right lateral incisor has been loose and bugging him. Today at lunch he chomped his teeth on accident and I could hear it from across the kitchen. He was left with that loose tooth all bloody and the upper right central incisor got all bloody and much looser. Poor guy was really hurting. After finding the upper tooth more loose than the lower, Avery wanted (in the poorest sense of the word since there's so much apprehension in that want) Travis to pull it for him. It proved too painful, so Travis took Avery down to the office to give him some topical to numb it first. He also took x-rays of each tooth and confirmed the root was pretty much gone on the upper, but the lower could wait. (Yes, Avery can definitely be spoiled when it comes to loosing these teeth and a dentist for a Dad, but this was the first time getting numbed, etc. he's had the floss treatment, pliers, and lost one in a sandwich and swallowed it before!)

After his visit to the office (and missing lunch) he and Daddy stopped for a few donuts before coming home. Lucky kid.

Oh, and notice how both top teeth are missing? The other one was his very first lost tooth all the way back in August! Where's the permanent tooth? Both of his lower permanents have come in. The x-ray showed it was likely held up by the other upper. Now that they're both gone, hopefully they'll both come in!


Mom said...

I guess you can eat donuts with no teeth but corn on the cob will have to wait. The tooth fairy has been kept busy at your house.

Jocelyn said...

I'm going to wish my husband was a dentist when it comes time for my kids to lose teeth. I am so squeemish about pulling teeth, I glanced at your post and quickly closed the web browser. Then, I came back because I'm a good friend like that.

Angela said...

He's lost two more teeth than Ethan. Ethan's two lower lateral incisors are loose but he won't let me pull them and now his big honkin' adult lower incisors have come in and blocked the laterals from coming out....Good job Avery for letting your dad get the job done!