Thursday, March 25, 2010


The boys really like playing in this old, neglected, probably-never-even-made-it-to-a-garden box. Will I try to make it a garden? NO! I admit, I'm lazy, I wouldn't want to keep up with it. So it will be taken out, filled in and sod put down.

But not yet. We have other things to tackle first. At least looking back at this picture (with was at the beginning of March) I can see there's been some definite improvement in our grass since then!

I wonder what they're looking at? Probably a worm.


Cyndi said...

You should keep the garden box - Logan and Aaron use to love to garden with me when they were little, it was a fun thing to do with them, just grow things that don't demand too much attention and you can lay down mulch to help with the weeding part. Nothing like eating your own veggies you grew yourself.

Mom said...

You could grow carrots. The boys could use them as trees between the road construction.

Gramma H said...

Perfect picture of the boys. They are so curious and love to explore. Good shot of exactly what they like to do.

Jocelyn said...

I'm like you. If we're going to have a garden, it will be because Grant is going to take the time to cultivate it. Gardening is not tempting to me at all.