Saturday, July 31, 2010

Portland After Dark

Last Saturday, July 24, was Scott Kelby's 3rd Annual Worldwide Photo Walk. Cities all over the world participated that day in groups of up to 50 photographers. I participated in a night walk in downtown Portland. I drug my friend Jocelyn along and I had so much fun. I think Jocelyn was feeling a little done with the day before I even picked her up, so I hope she had fun too, despite my keeping her up so late. :)

 I took lots of pictures and posted a selection of them over at Laurie Marie Photography.

The last picture I took of the night was a self portrait outside of Tiffany & Co. The sidewalk was covered with stones engraved with sayings and after spotting this one I spent several minutes getting up and down off the ground to get this, because I'm just crazy like that.

Another guy, Ben, walked around with Jocelyn and me. Along a section of Yamhill there are animal statues and fountains. Someone said one of us had to pose on the deer, so up I went because, again, I'm crazy like that and Ben took this.

Then Jocelyn and I were "being otters" with the statues when this guy jumped in. We told him we were acting like the otters and I guess we both internally decided to just let him be the crazy one since clearly he was without trying. Hm, yes, the Portland nightlife was thoroughly entertaining. (I did crop this down from what Ben shot so you could see us better)

 I just pulled these shots of Ben from our walk's Flickr group. There's also a Flickr group for all the Worldwide Photo Walk participants.

Seriously, I loved this night. I had such a good time that I'm leaning towards choosing another night time shoot next year! (Travis probably likes that better too since it doesn't waste a Saturday for him and I didn't even leave until after the boys were in bed!)

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RaQuelle Willey said...

what great pictures. your "new friend" that hilarious! loving that first one alot