Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shooting, A Stitch, And Less Exciting Matters

The day after Christmas, everyone went shooting except my Mom and I stayed home with Emmett and Carson. As much as I love to go shooting, I didn't particular want to get stuck just babysitting in the cold or just sitting in the van as would inevitably be the case since nothing could be done with Emmett and Carson wouldn't like it either. So "Less Exciting Matters," except to me, means Mom and I did a puzzle. I haven't done an honest adult level puzzle since before Avery could climb. I used to do them all the time and it was so nice to puzzle again. It was only doable with two of us working on it so we could finish in the space of Emmett's nap time. Carson loves puzzles so much he really liked helping us, although it was rather frustrating for him.
Back to Shooting. I'm sure everyone had a blast. Apparently a cop showed up at one point since someone had called concerned about the racket (they were up in the coast range, it's not like there's a ton of people there). I guess the cop basically took a look around at the fun family affair, chuckled, and said carry on.
Here is a picture Dad took of Avery getting to shoot:

And on a side note, Travis' little sister Megan recently managed to get her thumb in the way of some cross ties (or something like that) on a crazy horse and got it ripped up nicely. This girl takes more injuries, and in stride, than anyone I know. It's easy to tell from her clean, lotioned, soft skin that she hasn't seen a day of labor in her life. ha. I suppose when you practically live with horses, that's what your hands look like. This was what she had to show us on Christmas. One stitch is going straight through her thumbnail.

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mhunsaker said...

I'm pretty sure that's a chunk of delicious pumpkin bread goodness sitting right there in my palm. You know, even I forgot how gnarly it looked. But it sure does make for a good story! And where would I be without your photographic documentation?!