Thursday, March 5, 2009

Alligator Attack

Last weekend Papa and Grandma Hunsaker came to visit. Every year a giant dental convention takes place in Chicago and all along we've been saying Travis' Dad needs to come out for it one year. Well, we're down to the last chance, so it was time.
Too bad we lost half a day with them on Thursday due to them being snowed in in Minneapolis! When they finally arrived, they came bearing souvenirs from Florida and Mexico. They had only just finished a cruise (for some dental CE credits) the Monday before! Can you imagine going from that weather to Wisconsin!?
One of the gifts they brought were squeaky alligators, one for each boy. Carson thought he was hilarious squeaking it with his mouth, but the great part of this picture is that DeAnna captured Avery winding up to get Carson on the rear!
It's hard to believe this visit sits right in the middle between their Christmas visit and when we MOVE in May! In fact, while they were here, we got the moving truck reserved and all the plane tickets coordinated for getting all the parentals out here and then both the Gma's flying back with the boys and me!

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