Friday, March 20, 2009

Hot Hot Heat

Okay, so I don't really have a title for this post, so I just put the name of the band currently on the playlist.

Last Saturday Avery got a fever. It was getting better Sunday and by Monday it was gone. But then it was Carson's turn. Oh, and Avery wasn't in the clear - he started complaining of a headache - and you could tell it was bad - he was miserable. In fact, it was so bad I think that was the culprit behind him getting up in the night and puking a few times! Avery's headache and Carson's fever lasted through Tuesday.
Monday was a nice day out - but Tuesday (St. Patrick's Day) it got above 70 out! I was super excited to take the kids to the park, but then the fevers and headaches hit. Ugh.
Despite that, both days we did have a little time outside in the evenings when Daddy worked on the walls for our trailer. I completely neglected to do anything for St. Patrick's Day too. My boys don't even know it existed. That's okay, we'll introduce them next year...

Monday. Thank goodness for an Advil high, Avery could play for a while.
Also, note Mr. I-Have-To-Stand-All-The-Time-Now.

Emmett loves all the attention from his brothers:

So sweet.

I did not pose this - they like making trains for me!

Time to come down from the high.
Carson passes out in his high chair and Avery on the couch.

I've given Avery my old terrible camera.
He's enjoying the privledge and worries about caring for it properly.
More on his pictures later I'm sure.
He's standing in the trailer that Travis is working on.

I just really like Carson's face here.

Again, the comedown. Monday night they both plopped on the couch with their blankets and Travis had me get the camera just because the looked so wretched. Obviously Avery hid.

Emmett tooting his own horn about not being sick.
He really did make some funny noises with this.

Tuesday. Outside again.

Taking a break.

And, just for fun, remember to take pictures of the
small things in life that you normally overlook...
I'm glad my boys are feeling better now. I just wish Carson would get over being so cranky...

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Mom said...

Love that lounging on the blanket pic of Avery and of course the train of boys.