Monday, March 30, 2009

Carson's 2 Year Checkup

Thanks to Avery for capturing this very sweet picture of Carson with his camera!
Carson had his 2 year check up today.
He shrunk on the curve a little for height (smack between 50 and 75% now), and has slimmed down (50%), but he still has a big head (90%)!

He's such a polar opposite to Avery about the doctor. Avery has always been excited to go, no matter what. Carson has always been nervous and upset since he was capable of it. All in all, he did well, but he did have to have one shot.

Carson is my little sweetheart. He's such a happy boy. He loves to repeat everything, and it's so funny hearing how he's incorporated Mommy-isms and Avery-isms into so much of his speech. (Nothing bad...yet?)

Avery says, "Oh, MAN!" when something doesn't work for him.
Carson says, "Oh, MON!" with the exact inflection for the same reasons.

When you call Carson to come to you, he often says, "Coming!" but that's tantamount to "Never" but in a happy voice.

He has the greatest, sort of sassy, "OOOOOOkay" or "Okaaaaay" or even "OOOOOOOkAAAAAAy" ever. It's so hard not to giggle when he says them with these big pronounced vowels and big "O" lips.

When Emmett wakes up, Carson is very concerned and always lets me know "Emmett's crying (or screaming)." Then he always wants to go talk to Emmett to make him happy until Mommy comes.

He still takes an afternoon nap, and he's GREAT at it. He's happy to go! Sometimes he lets me know ahead of time that he's tired, or he'll easily acknowledge he is when I ask. Sometimes he even says, "Yea! Naptime!"

Bedtime is a different story. He's a little monkey in and out and in and out of his crib constantly.

Carson is also my sensitive guy. When he gets in trouble it's definitely a different approach than it's been with Avery. It will be interesting to see how that continues as they grow.

Carson, you're just so adorable and sweet, we love you so much! Happy 2nd Birthday!


Grammy H said...

He has such a great smile and personality. He must take after his dad's side(ha-ha)! I love all his little ways of incorperating(?) his style of language. We love him dearly too. Give him big hugs for us. Hope he got our package that should have been there on Saturday.
Gma H

Mom said...

What a handsome boy. This is your peacemaker. He'll be able to take care of himself and watch out for his bros.