Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Man, this kid is running me ragged!

Yesterday Carson came running trying to tell me something that was clearly urgent. I heard something about "Emmett" and "yucky." How did I not hear the pot hit the floor?!

The plants on the floor in the front window are blocked off after he figured out he could climb under the swing and tipped one over and dug in (although somehow he managed a second helping under his Dad's watch once too). And usually I have these plants blocked with the chairs, but you never know when Avery or Carson may move them!

Obviously, Emmett thought he had achieved something magnificent. He doesn't usually laugh or smile when he can see the camera, so he must have been impressed with himself! His expression here really reminds me of Travis. I had to look at the few kid pics of him I have scanned in. The closest parallel I could find was one of Travis when he was 2 and their big grins make the same face shape. So, I don't know what it is exactly, but I guess they're related. :)

Emmett's foray into gardening was only the big bang at the end of a string of trouble. Here are only a few mild examples from the day - the few I caught on camera (c'mon, I can't always run to the rescue, sometimes I just have to sit back and take a picture).

Here he gets too mad about hitting his head repeatedly
to figure out he can crawl out as easily as he crawled in...

What's the fastest way to the puzzle piece he wants to chew up?
Of course this didn't end well. He couldn't just roll off on his side,
he had to keep climbing over and face plant.

Again, flirting with disaster. Is he going to tip forward into
the back of the Jeep? No, this one ended harmlessly.

But seriously, it's one thing after another with this kid!
Obviously the plant was his peak performance... on this day...


Grammy H said...

This reminds me of Kevin's antics. When Kevin was the same age, he was in his walker in the living room while I was in the bedroom folding clothes. Travis (then 2)came running in saying "Mommy, Kevin's eating your "pants"!" over and over again. Obviously I asked him if he was eating my pants. He replied with "NO!, your "pants". He pulled my hand to drag me into the living room. Once there I discovered what "pants" he was eating. He had grabbed a plant off the end table and had demolished it. Not just dumping the dirt out everywhere but had ripped and chewed the plant apart. I wish I had had a camera at the time to record it, but no such luck.
Anyway, this picture caused me to laugh histerically (at the office where they stared at me for being so loud), then showing off "our boy". Emmett is quite mischievious and adventursome while at the same time lovable and cuddly.
Grammy H

Wisconsin Willeys said...

Good thing he's cute, right! I can't believe how active he is already!

Mom said...

Give him oreo dirt with gummy worms. Avery and Carson will help him. Never mind Avery and Carson, I will help him!!!.....if any of us can get past Travis.