Friday, March 6, 2009

Discovery World

Last Friday, while Travis and his Dad went to the dental convention in Chicago, DeAnna and I took the boys to Discovery World. It was pricey, but the boys loved it and I would probably say it's worth doing once.
Checking out the giant scale model of the Great Lakes:

Watching water running through a pipe to this huge holding tank:

Hanging out on some stairs:

The cutest baby around:

Look at that head popping up, Mom!

Trying to catch a fish:

Um, swimming like the fish? He was following
this guy around all over the place like this:


Carson was NOT sure about the aquarium tunnel in the beginning:

DeAnna and the boys waiting to touch a sturgeon;
both boys did touch one:

There was a boat suspended so you could see the hull
from the floor below, and get on from the floor above:

Captain Avery:

Captain Carson:


Just call me She-Ra:

Carson checks out his funny reflection:

Apparently it's not as funny if you're sitting in the seat:

Avery laid on a bed of nails! They were really sharp too! You lay on a sheet
of plexi-glass, then the worker raises the nails up until you're laying on them.
In this picture they were all the way up, about 2 and a half inches:

Carson wasn't a fan of the hamster wheel:

Static hair is back in fashion:

Just resting in a bubble chair:

So much fun! Thanks for taking us DeAnna!

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Mindy said...

Looks like you could spend days in there. How fun!