Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Carson!

On Saturday Carson turned 2 years old!

We had a casual little get together that a few of our dental school friends could come to.

Mickey Mouse isn't necessarily Carson's favorite, but we just did Lightning McQueen for Avery in December. So we went with a good little-guy theme that he does enjoy now, but may be too old for in the future.

The cake in the middle is just for Carson and the cupcakes for the kids.
I had an extra undecorated cake for the adults.

The Mini-Mickey's:

How do you like my cool new shades?

Avery could not help himself; strangely, Carson never got mad at him.

Emmett, on the other hand, got a big "Noooo Emmett" when he got close:

New monster truck love

Dig in!

Once he figured out there was candy around the edge,
he ate half of that before returning to the cake:

As good as MoTab, huh?

Happy Birthday Carson!


Jodee Luke said...

cute cute! the cakes turned out great!

Mindy said...

Yum! You have some of the cutest ideas. I think it's funny how "Happy Birthday to You" is one of the most-sung songs and yet does anyone know what note to start on ever?!

Grammy H said...

The office staff LOVED! the pix on your blog this time, especially these. They definitly love the boys. They also noticed how cute Avery was for his enthusiastic volume of the birthday song.
Grammy H

Wisconsin Willeys said...

Happy Birthday Carson! Sure was a fun party. I loved the birthday cake, super cute and yummy I must add.

Mom said...

How far did he get with the cake? This birthday stuff is serious can tell by the effort put forth by parents, the seriousness of cake eating and the volume of singing at all children's birthday parties. One of these times I'm going to be there for a party or two.