Monday, August 31, 2009

2009 Aumsville Corn Festival

Time for another parade! Just like nearby Stayton's 4th of July parade, we entered the Aumsville Corn Festival Parade on Saturday to promote the new Aumsville dental office. Can you guess the theme?
2009 Corn Festival

Time to go, Dr. Ben!

Dr. Travis standing by, ready to toss candy and floss.

In honor of the corn festival, Ben even found a ear of corn costume. None of the adults would wear it, but Avery and his cousin Alli each took a turn!

For the entire parade route Emmett hung out with Joey, the Salem office receptionist. He's so good natured and she just like his fuzzy noggin. Why does Emmett sit so nicely for everyone but his parents?

Carson was just glad to be off the float when it was over. He's very nervous about loud things and especially being on something loud that moves.

This kid cracks me up. He was making these Mr. Magoo looking faces and thought he was very funny!

Then he just wanted the camera.

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Mom said...

I'm sure all the adults were glad the corn costume didn't fit them.
Emmett's faces are a hoot!